What to

  • When we arrive to your home or business we pay attention to the details that you may have missed.
    • Rodent & insect harborage areas
    • Potential rodent & insect entry points
    • Wasp nests and spiderwebs
    • High moisture areas


  • We will suggest additional treatment options, that we feel necessary, to address these issues.
    • Crack, crevice & void: Pesticide dust or ULV mist treatments
    • Entry point exclusions
    • Wasp nest or spiderweb knockdown services


  • We will also make suggestions to the home or business owner of what they can do to help.
    • Trim back shrubs around structure
    • Rake debris away from structure
    • Move firewood, clutter, etc. away from structure
    • Address any damage to structure
    • Address excess moisture issues
      • EX: Leaky spigot, gutter, roof, plumbing, irrigation, etc.
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*We do not currently provide certified inspections for home loans. Including: WDO (wood destroying organisms), Foundation, Chimney, Lot Size Survey, Radon Testing and Water Testing.